T&Cs Gift Card


1.1. These 'Terms and Conditions' refer to the Gift Cards issued by Forint Finance Ltd, which can be purchased on the website https://4int-marketplace.myshopify.com/ .

1.2. The Gift Cards are issued, in digital format only, by Forint Finance Ltd. Payments by credit or debit card  will be processed through third party companies.

1.3. The customer service for the Gift Cards, regarding its receipt and use, is provided by Forint Finance Ltd. With regard to assistance with payment by credit card the user has to contact the above mentioned payment processing companies.

1.4. The present document sets forth the rules between the Issuer and the User, governing the possession and use of the card Gift. The agreement shall have a term of 12 months, starting from the date of purchase of the card Gift Card. 


2.1. The Gift Card is a voucher that can be used to purchase goods and services provided by Forint Finance. The Gift Card is issued only in digital format. It is not allowed to use the Gift Card outside the Forint FInance circuit.

2.2. The Gift Card is not subject to the regulations on payment services and regulations on electronic payments.  The purchase of the card Gift corresponds to the purchase of a medium through which it is possible to make use of the services provided by Forint Finance and in any case is not to be considered a deposit of money. 

2.3. The card and the available balance are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. The Gift Card will cease to be active 12 months after the date of purchase and the user will not be able to ask for a refund of the unused amounts.

2.4. The card will be available in the following denominations: $25, $50, $100, $250. After the purchase, the customer will receive the Gift Card, which is associated with a unique code, directly to the email address provided at the time of purchase.

2.5. The voucher can only be used for the value it contains and no other funds can be loaded.  


3.1. To proceed with the purchase of the Gift Card it is necessary to provide an email address and a telephone number. After that the user has to select the denomination of the Gift Card (2.4), enter the credit/debit card details and make the payment. The payment will be processed by third party companies. Once the payment is completed, the user will receive an email containing the digital Gift Card of the selected denomination, which is associated with a unique numeric code.

3.2. Before issuing the Gift Card, a check of the user's identity may be required, also by the companies responsible for processing the payment. This information is necessary for the prevention of fraud and money laundering. We will retain this information only as long as it is necessary and for the purposes described. Please see the privacy policy for further information.

3.4. When ordering the Gift Card online, some electronic identity checks may be performed to verify the identity of the user. 

3.5. The user, by purchasing the Gift Card, declares that he/she has read and accepted the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of use and any other documentation on the website of Forint Finance Ltd.


4.1. From the net value of the Gift Card the following costs and expenses are deducted:

a) Purchase of goods:

- shipping costs

b) Purchase of services

- $1.00 commission

- 1.00$ charged in Blockchain value

- 1.90% POS commission + $0.30 fixed POS commission

    4.2. It is possible that the costs and charges listed above may vary. 

    4.3. There are no Activation costs. The Gift Card, as soon as received by email, is already active and immediately usable.


    5.1. The Gift Card can be used by the purchaser or can be given to another person due to its transferable nature.

    5.2 Purchase of services: To use the card the user has to connect a wallet to the "Swappy" Platform and enter the unique code associated with the Gift Card. After entering the code, the user will see the credit corresponding to the denomination of the card purchased in dollars. After that, the user can start making single or multiple purchases. As soon as the instructions to proceed with the transaction on the blockchain are received, the transaction cannot be revoked.

    5.3 Purchase of goods: Simply copy the gift card code received via email and paste it in the space required (gift card code) after choosing the gift card payment method.

    5.4. Under normal conditions, transactions will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, disruptions or delays in transactions may occur due to technical problems.


    6.1. The Gift Card may be used only to purchase goods and services within the Forint Finance ecosystem. It is not possible to use or attempt to use the Gift Card outside the ecosystem.

    6.2. The Gift Card cannot be reloaded after purchase.

    6.3. The Gift Card is not connected to a bank account and is not a guarantee card, nor a debit or credit card, nor can it generate interest on the available balance.

    6.4. The use of the Gift Card may be restricted without prior notice if suspicious, fraudulent or illegal activities are identified, or if there are reasonable grounds to believe that these 'Terms and Conditions' have not been complied with, or in case of exceptional circumstances that prohibit the normal functioning of the card.


    7.1. The available balance will be deducted for each transaction that is made using the card. The available balance will be available on your wallet.

    7.2. If the payment exceeds the value of the available amount on the Gift Card, the transaction will be declined. 


    8.1. The Gift Card will cease to be valid after 12 months from the date of purchase. This date is defined as the "expiration date". On that date, the Card will cease to function and will no longer be usable. The available balance on the Card (if any) at the expiration date is non-refundable. 

    8.2. For any information about the expiry date of the Gift Card, the user may contact Forint Finance Support via email at support@forint-token.net.


    9.1. The user who has made the purchase of the Gift Card may request its refund at the email address indicated below.

    9.2 Any refund will be made by re-crediting the price paid for the purchase of the Gift Card on the credit card used for the purchase. 

    9.3. The purchaser of the card is entitled to a period of 14 days to withdraw from this agreement by sending a withdrawal request and request for reimbursement of funds to the appropriate email below.

    9.4. There are no partial refunds. If the user has already used partially the gift card to purchase goods, or has matched the card to his wallet and used part of the funds, he/she will not be able to request a refund for the unspent amounts. The refund is subject to a $5 administration fee to cover administrative costs.

    9.5 For the shipping and refund procedure of the purchased goods, please check the terms and conditions of sale here.


    10.1. It is highly recommended to keep the Gift Card and the data contained therein safe. This means that you must take all reasonable measures to avoid its loss, theft or misuse of the card.


    11.1. In case of loss of the Gift card or in case it is stolen, the user may contact Forint Finance support, as soon as possible, to request a replacement. To send the replacement request it is required to provide the telephone number and the email entered during the registration, to verify the ownership of the card.  

    11.2. Following the completion of the process referred to in the preceding paragraph, Forint Finance shall immediately block the Gift Card to prevent its unauthorized use. Within three days Forint Finance shall send a replacement card.


    12.1. All requests related to the Gift Card shall be sent to the Customer Service Department of Forint Finance Ltd. at the following email address support. from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 till 18:00. 


    13.1. None of the companies referred to in clause 1 shall be liable for any:

    - Loss that was not foreseeable at the time of purchase of the Gift Card;

    - Loss that was not caused by the breach of the parties (each acting individually);

    - Business losses and/or losses of anyone who is not a consumer.

    In any case the liability shall be limited to the value of the amount of the purchased Gift Card.

    13.2. If the Card is used fraudulently, and in a way that does not comply with these 'Terms and Conditions', and therefore for illegal purposes, or if the data on the Card has been compromised due to the negligence of the user, the latter shall be solely responsible for the use and misuse of the Card. Forint Finance Ltd reserves the right to take all appropriate action to protect its rights and interests against users who have violated these terms and conditions. 


    14.1. User's data shall be processed for the purpose of managing the Gift Card program. Forint Finance Ltd. acts as the controller. Personal data of the user will be processed also by the third party companies that will process the payments.

    14.2 The complete information on Privacy and Data Protection can be viewed on this link.

    14.3 The user, proceeding to the purchase of the Gift Card, declares to give consent to the processing of personal data.


    15.1. The present document 'Terms and Conditions' may be changed or updated at any time for legal, regulatory and/or security reasons.

    15.2. Due to the nature of the Gift Card programme, it is often difficult or even impossible to contact each individual cardholder in case of a change to this document. It is therefore the responsibility of both the acquirer and the user of the Gift Card to regularly check the website of the relevant Provider for which the Gift Card has been issued for changes to the 'Terms and Conditions'. 


    16.1. These 'Terms and Conditions' are governed by English law and in the event of a dispute the place of jurisdiction will be England.